Granny Farr

Greetings to all, my name is Granny Farr.

I am a natural intuitive hands on healer, Reiki Master / Teacher, and an Ordained Minister.

I have been a natural intuitive healer since I was a little girl.  Being a healer was very hard for me to accept.  I knew I was different from

 other kids while I was growing up.  I hid my gifts for the reasons of being ridiculed or being thought of as being mentally unstable ( crazy ).

Now that I am older, I have found others who are like myself.  It is like a breath of fresh air to be around my tribe.  I do have to be careful though because there are people who claim they are intuitive healers but are not.  I have ran into many like this.  It seems like all they do is tell you things that don't pertain to you or put things in your head and then take your money.

This is kind of sad because it makes the real intuitive healers look bad.

I have many interests in my life.  I enjoy medical research ( conventional, functional, and holistic ), psychology, nutrition, metaphysical sciences, world religions, and reading on the different types of energy healing modalities.  

When it comes to energy healing, it all boils down to that all of the modalities that are out there today, are all the same but with different names.  So instead of taking many energy healing modality classes, I would highly recommend to just take one type that you are drawn to and focus on that one modality.  It would save you a lot of money, time, and confusion in the long run. 

Since I practice intuitive hands on healing, I have become an ordained minister.  I did this so I can appropriately lay hands on my clients legally.  In some states you would need a massage licence to do this.  So when looking into doing energy healing in your state, please find out the laws.  I would hate for you to take a bunch of energy healing classes and then find out you need a licence in massage to lay hands on.